Megadeth Rust In Peace

by Carl Culpepper

(1994) Hal Leonard #0-7935-3665-0

Description This is a transcription book for the album Rust In Peace by Megadeth. It is a fast paced thriller and possibly one of the most hardest and fast paced influential albums I have ever come acrossed sinse ...And Justice For All.
Posted By Lincoln Barnes (840)
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On 7/14/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a transcription book to the album Rust In Peaceby Megadeth. Well, I just recently came into posession of this book for the second time. The first I could not pla really anything out of it but now I am making some headway. By the time I have mastered this book I will be on my way to stardom cause it is fast, hard, and very technical. Now that I have it it is all I'm really focusing on right now as we speak so I refer to it constantly just have to take breaks from it once in a while so I can reflect my progress. It is just my level but Im at the straining point where it is almost beyond my ability and as far as the style goes it is awesome. There was no CD. There are a few glitches in the book but easily noticable so I can get around them. There mainly on the first song "Holy Wars....The Punishment Due" which is the song I am currently trying to master as we speak. My favorite aspect is that it will make me into a tremendous player and I will learn alot about Marty Friedman as well and his styles of soloing. The bad side is the glitches but I have only found a few and and that is only on the first song. I havent really perused the whole book yet but its very minor. Comparison wise it is typical for this company cause all of their stuff is good. This book is a must have for both rythym and lead players who are into metal. I could not stress this book enough. Anyone who know me by my resources will see that I am a old fashion Metallica "SUPER FREAK" and for as much as I think ...And Justice For All is the stuff this is not far away by any means. METAL HEADS GET THIS BOOK!!!!!!!
Suitable for advanced guitarists