Metallica ...And Justice For All

by Wolf Marshall

(1989) Cherry Lane #0-89524-419-5

Description This is a transcription book to the album of Metallica's ...And Justice For All. It gives detailed tablature to the lyrics and music for the album.
Posted By Lincoln Barnes (840)
Directory Books/Tab: Metal
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On 7/14/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a transcription book to the legendary book of ...And Justice For All. It has made me a better player in so many ways that I couldnt possibly imagine whether its soloing or rythym. I refer to this book practically everyday and I have owned it for about several months now and I am still learning from it. It is definately at my skill level and suits me perfectly for my taste in music. There was no CD. There is no way this book could have been written better other than some areas I do things a little differently like in the song "Blackened". I play the bemain riff a little differently so it has a bit more puunch to it but that is the only adjustment I have made to it. My favorite aspect of this book is that it has made me a better player than I could ever imagine. There are no bad points. The book compares to others pretty much the same. There really are no differences except for the detailed info on Kirk's style of soloing which wwas mentioned in the introduction of the book which was fascinating. For all Metallica fans out there this is the HOLY BIBLE of guitar tab for heavy metal. Learn "Harvester Of Sorrow" and you'll know exactly what I mean. The gut wrenching power of the song is unreal along with the short but powerful solo. Good luck and god bless fellow Metallica Fans.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists