Metallica Kill'em All

by Wolf Marshall

(1990) Cherry Lane #0-89524-496-9

Description It is a transcription of Metallica's first album. The book gives a brief introduction to the band and the chordal patterns that they like to play in.
Posted By Lincoln Barnes (840)
Directory Books/Tab: Metal
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On 7/14/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a transcription book of Metallica's first album Kill'em All. IT has made me a much better player considering the fact that I now know how to play their songs on the first album and since it was one of my first books I learned alot about chord changes and what not. I refer to it still to this day cause I have yet to learn all the songs just the ones that I really likesd and I still have a long way to go to get all the solos down. Well I consider myself to be an advanced player by far when it comes to just jamming out things but not theory smart YET and it definately fits the stly that I play. No CD or tape came with the book. I already had the music on tape or shall I say CD myself. This book could not be better for it was the way it was, a transcription. The best part of thses kind of books is that they are very easy to read and the notation is simplified. There are no worst aspects to this book. I'd have to say they compare about the dame . A good introduction and precise tabs. Yeah, if your a die hard Metallica fan it is a must have.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists