Musician's Friend Heavy Duty Folding Music Stand And Bag

Made by Musician's Friend

Description It is a Music stand that comes with its own tote bag. It is a very sturdy music stand that is also collapsable. It is all black and has a couple of knobs on it to adjust positioning.
Posted By Lincoln Barnes (840)
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On 7/13/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a couple that were rather pricey so I saw this one and saw that it came witha tote bag and I thought to myself might as well get this one. I dont see how it could be better. Its easy for trasport and it durable. The fact that it is so adjustable. There is no worst aspect. Yeah, support Muscician's Friend today. They have great products.
Price: $29.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
The fact that it is easily collapsable and taken from place to place with extreme ease. I use this for when I stand up and sit down for reading my sheet music. There is nothing at this time that I can think of to improve the quality of this product.
Sure. All it does is carry music but hey maybe someone will get jiggy with it LOL. I'd have to give that a firm yes. Musician's Friend has yet failed me with any of their products. The construction is pretty nice and sturdy and that is including the fact that it is adjustable.