Musician's Friend Locking Tubular Guitar Stand

Made by Musician's Friend

Description There great guitar stands that are being sold dirt cheap right now. They are guitar stand you dont need to be a brain surgeon to figure that out. Well they are all black and there in about 2 pieces when you you get them.
Posted By Lincoln Barnes (840)
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On 7/12/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at several but couldnt get what I wanted from them whawt I could get form this one for the price that it was available for. Maybe a little heaveir but that is no big deal. The double locking is the best feature about this stand. When you put the guitar in it clamps in at the top and then there is a little clasp or key like thingsy that slips in to lock the clamp into place. Worst aspect is like I said that it could be a little more heavier for durability and so it won't tip but I sincerely doubt that it will. Once again in all my resources and reviews I shall say the usual GET IT! It's a great buy but you have to get it now.
Price: $9.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musician's Friend
The most particualr features I like about this stand is that it locks the gutar in two ways to assure guitar security. Right now I have 2 of these stands one which is in use as we speak and the other is waiting for its companion LOL. These are great stnads I and would reccomend them to anyone who is looking for a an extremely affordable guitar stand at least right now cause there on sale then they'll probably go back up up to about $20 or $30 bucks.
Don't know I dont play live but I dont think Iit really matters cause it's not like you're playing the stand LOL. I would trust anything form Musician's Friend. They have been EXTREMELY good to me and very helpful with all of my my products in fact if they sold absolutely everything they would get all my business even if the price difference was against them. I reccomend that everyone should use them more often if not for everything unless of course they dont have what your looking for like a Mesa Boogie (head in hands). Well it is not made out of molten steel but I think its suits its purpose just fine. I don't plan hitting anything with it.