Ibanez JS 100

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description This was my guitar to step me up from beginner/intermediate to semi-professional equipment stage. I wanted a guitar with good tonal quality, a decent flloyd system, superb action, good looks and a price range under 500 pounds I got just that! 8)
Posted By Peter Maher (46)
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On 7/12/2004, Peter Maher (46) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was debating a PGM30, a EDR740EX and this guitar and after much soul searching I choose this guitar and since I have I haven't regretted it one little bit! It's alot more affordable then the other JS models while still delivering a high quality sound and playability, slight pity about the build quality but it may just be down to me not taking proper care of it... but saying that my JS100 still has a good long life in it and I'd recommend it to anyone who wanted a decent all rounder guitar.
Price: $890.00 480 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Shop, London
My Js100 is one of the black finish models (VERY nice), made from a basswood body and equipped with a JS neck (even has his name on it :P). It's standard 22 frets, any more and it becomes impractical or unplayable really and it has an Ibanez flloyd and tremolo system on it... all in a nice chrome hardware finish. There are two pick-ups (hum buckers) on this guitar put through a three-way switch, I believe the pick-ups are Ibanez "AH" pick-ups... not entirely sure if that's good or bad but they sure throw out some decent sound. Along side your typical three-way switch you have your typical tone and volume controls. The Floyd system has decent lock nuts on the neck, and the only qualm I could find with this guitar is that if you look closely at the chrome hardware it tends to have a cheap plastic look to it. It still does it's job as a high quality flloyd system nonetheless though.
As with most of Ibanez flloyd systems they allow you to adjust the action on your guitar via the bridge. Although it may require some tweaking this allows you to get the best action possible, I was astounded at how well the guitar played when I first sampled it in the shop but when I found I could adjust it further to my needs it just made the deal that much sweeter. The neck on this guitar is very well rounded and has an already worn in feel to it... and it plays absolutely fantastically. My only problem however (and I'm pretty sure this is only with my guitar) is that the B string resonates a horrible twang when played open... now I'm not sure if this is simply an out of alignment fret or a wrong gauged string but it's still there. Not on any other JS100's I've seen and certainly not on any other strings on my guitar however... but regardless this guitar still plays outstandingly.
Sound Quality:
I use this guitar with an MG100DFX and a Zoom GFX-5, and even with all effects turned off the tone that this guitar can churn out is outstanding. Because it has the flloyd system and wide range of tones there isn't really much you cannot play on this guitar, the pick-ups range from a full bodied warm sound to a high trebled lead pincher (but not in a bad way) sound. Of course this guitar picks up electronic noise such as monitors in the studio etc etc, but alot of it can be cut out depending on which pick-up you use. The guitar is fantastic for both studio and stage use, it hasn't failed me yet and I'm yet to see it go down under by anyone else who owns one.
Now with build quality there one flaw that really got me down, although this was probably due to wear and tear/overuse I've found that because it uses a barrel jack socket the jack has to sit at a 60 degree angle out of the back of your guitar meaning that you can't really sit it up on it's arse while the jack cable is still plugged in, but what really got to me is that after a while if the jack hits a specific angle which is quite rare the signal simply cuts out completely, although this is easily solved via threading the cable behind your guitar strap it still is annoying nonetheless.