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On 3/5/2003, Wesilbac Mang (362) posted:
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No coments this one was really nothing special
On 6/24/2002, Ryan Eckenrode (5114) posted:
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After clicking around the site for no more than 5 minutes, i can tell this was made some guy who knew jimi's manager (or someone like that) and is trying to "ching-ching" cash in on his legend when anyone in their right mind wouldn't do such a thing.
On 1/4/2000, Larry Magri (3259) posted:
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Jimi Hendrix ...........no need to say anything else simple the best
On 7/1/1999, Inactive Member posted:
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Actually I do not want to rate this site; I think it deserves a bit question mark. It seems pretty strange to me: $$corporate Hendrix$$.