Fender Champion 30 Dsp

30W Combo

Made by Fender

Description This is a well built good looking amp. its black with the silver mesh on the front and all controls at the front for ease of use. just a good looking amp.
Posted By Mike Smith (9737)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 7/8/2004, Mike Smith (9737) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would buy this amp again if it was stolen. i think because it looked a bit on the small side it would not give me what i was looking for, boy was i ever wrong. i dont think it could be improved much beacuse its made for what it is and that is a good practice amop with loads of get up and go. really i can fault this at all.
Where Obtained: better musica canberra austalia
This is a great little amp. they took back my peavey and sold me this. its got all i need for home. 1 gain/volume a treble, mid and high eq it has an fx controller and fifteen difrent effects. it really kicks out some oomph.
Sound Quality:
I am using my new strat and the tone it give this bal is just brilliant. it allows me to play without the use of an effects pedal cause its all built in. it has delay, reverb, chorus etc etc heaps to choose from.it is real clean when giving it a run and gives a great distort sound which i like.
Ease of Use:
This is easier to use than my effects pedal. it takes little or no messing about with. i looked at a marshall of similar quality but it didnt compare to this little gem
I would say you could use this on stage, but i havent tried yet. its easy to carry and is not too heavey. it feels real solid in build.