Enjoy Your Own Damn Symptom

by Infinite Ego - Savior Onasis

(2004) Kronosonic #unknown

Personnel Liner notes are kinda murky but I think it's Infinite Ego and Onion
Description Everything from sleazy funk horns, hard driving riffs, ambient horror, noise, pretty acoustic guitar strumming. Melodic and very different.
Posted By Perry Swizzler (104)
Directory Recordings: Experimental
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On 7/4/2004, Perry Swizzler (104) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very different sounding modern guitar music. Lots of traditional guitar tones but a lot of weird textures and back drops, loops, ambience, feedback, etc. It all works brilliantly if I may say so.

Could have been a bit better if there were some guitar solos. I mean IE is known for over the top and blazing guitar solos, so I was expecting a lot, but there are exactly zero solos. But the album still is awesome because it is so melodic and powerful. Plus it came with a free lesson called "The Jupiter Code" that details IE's tricks on postmodern speed.

Worst aspect? That it wasn't a double album! I guess a lot of people who listen to the radio might hear this album and think it sounds like it came out of a project studio. And it did. But I like the production and compared to most of the stuff in this genre it sounds darn fine.

IE can't be compared to any other guitarist. The man is a total original. I've been waiting a long time (okay, three years) for this album and he finally did it.