Ibanez Ndm 1 Noodles Signature

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description This guitar is a NDM 1 Noodles Signature It has a H/S/H combo. The humbuckers are Infinity 1 and 2's. The single is a Infinity 2. This guitar is unique, its body is hand-wrapped in ductape and covered with a clear lacquer.
Posted By Erwin Murillo (100)
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On 6/26/2004, Erwin Murillo (100) posted:
Overall Rating:
I lookd at a Peavy steve Cropper classic, it sounded good but its for the blues and didn't fit my style. I also looked at a Jetking it was okay until I saw the Noodles Signature and it just faded out of the picture, I chose the NDM 1 because it sounded and looked and felt better than any other one.The guitar coulnt get any better. My favorite aspect is the Humbuckers they rock(not a pun), I also like the duct tape finish.To all those people whol like The Offspring BUY THIS GUITAR!!!! IT rules well i'm goin to a gig see ya later!!!!!
Model Year: 2004
Price: $450.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Yarbroughs Music in Memphis
The NDM1 was made in the US,well mine was. The body material was basswood, the neck was rosewood and the fingerboard was rosewood.Very Light but very strong.There are 22 Jumbo Frets.6 strings.The NDM1 has 2 knobs volume and tone and a 5- way switch.IT has 3 pickups, H/S/H combination. I think it has active pickups,not sure though. The Neck pckup is an Infinity 1 ,its suited more for clean songs, the middle single pickup is an Infinity 2, its tone is not too high and not too low, the bridge pickup is LOADED, it is suited for punk rock, rock and metal.The finish is unique, its handwrapped in duct tape and covered with clear lacquer.It is handwrapped so each has its own fingerprint. Its shape is the talman shape similar to a fender jaguar or jazzmaster. The bridge is a string thru for better sustain.Tuners are classic Ibanez. The hardware is black and metal. Its perfect
My preferred action is real low, and this guitar was set a bit to high so i had it lowered.The neck is fastplaying and is of medium thickness perfect for my handsize.The guitar i had before this was a Squier strat and THe Ndm 1 outplayed it in every category,tone,volume,rich sound,distorted,clean and in looks. No flaws except the bridge edges are sharp and can break strings easily. Nice
Sound Quality:
I use it with a Squier sidekick amp and a rp 100a effect pedal.I play Punk rock, modern rock and sum metal(go to my homepage).Its good for blues too. The sound is rich and full and also warm.The sound is way better than my old strat sounds a million times better. Maybe sum locking tuners.No, there are not any feedback unless you get to close to the amp. but not while your playing. It has not been played live yet but I 'm in a band at school.It sounds FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!1
It seems strong enough to endure years of live playing. It has not been adjusted except for the action. The strap buttons are curfed at the bottom sot it keeps the strap in place. The knobs can be replaced you just pull hard and it pops off so you can change the knobs. the hardware is metal so it'll hold up. Well i keep it at room temperature, so no problems.It is very durable