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Description Located in Northern New Jersey, offers: "Fretted instrument tech and luthier work - from setups to refrets, and most everything in between. Electric and acoustic guitars and basses, banjos, mandolins, ukeleles, any fretted instrument."
Posted By Douglas Hirsch (860)
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On 6/18/2004, Douglas Hirsch (860) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was frustated by tuning issues with my Gibson/Epiphone Doubleneck G-1275. The twelve string was difficult to keep in tune.

I knew I needed an experienced luthier. I found that in Rob DiStefano. Rob is very knowledable and his technical skills fully compliment his artistic craftsmanship.

I explained my frustration to Rob, who like a physician with a great chairside manner, explained clearly what needed to be done.

Upon his recommendation, Rob had refitted and setup my Gibson/Epiphone G-1275 with a 12 saddle bridge, in place of the factory 6 saddle bridge. The 12 saddle bridge gives one the ability to intonate each of the 12 strings independently. This eliminated the limitation of the 6 saddle bridge, where the 12 strings could only be intonated in pairs. He then restrung the G-1275 and then carefully adjusted the saddles, finely intonating both the 12 and 6 string guitars.

Rob's work is neat, clean and precise.

I am thankful for the excellent setup on my doubleneck. It plays wonderfully. I'm laying down a few bars of John McLaughlin's "Dance of Maya" -- 1973 and "Open Country Joy" where a good Dmaj and Gmaj on the 12 string are needed. And the intonation is right on!

Rob's expertise and craftmanship is evident, as is his amiable manner.

Thank you Rob! Please visit his website (Fret Tech) to see his excellent work.