Martin D-3532

Acoustic Guitar

Made by Martin

Description 1985 Martin Shenandoah made in America with Japanese wood. Solid spruce on top. Rosewood back and sides.
Posted By Gary Murphy (3498)
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On 6/17/2004, Gary Murphy (3498) posted:
Overall Rating:
Yamaha's, at the time, sold for about the same cost as the Martin. I'm so glad I went with the Martin. I have never played a Yamaha that comes close to this guitar. This guitar has the look and feel of a very expensive guitar.
Model Year: 1985
Price: $900.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Saied Music Tulsa
1985 Martin D-3532 Shanendoah Model, made in the USA. Bought for $900. It has 22 frets, and has a solid spruce top. The top has that beautiful aged patina. It has a Martin thinline pickup. It sounds good through a L. R. Baggs, Para DI. The body is made of Rosewood, and the back is a 3 piece. The fingerboard is ebonized. It has grover tuners.
Any worn out frets have been replaced. All frets have been dressed and levelled. It plays like new. It doesn't have the action of a Taylor, but it does have perfect "Martin" action. It has an incredible V neck. There are no flaws at all but because of all the playing it has seen, it has gotten a few nicks and burn marks here and there.
Sound Quality:
This guitar sounds great plugged in and acoustically. I play it through an L. R. Baggs Para DI. It sounds as good as any modern guitar like a Taylor or Seagull.
This guitar has lasted and will last. I use this on a gig with no backup. I trust thinline pickups. It has never broken a string.