Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by ESP

Description Its has a maple body with a maple neck thru body construction. Its has a set of EMG 81 pickups and a Original Floyd Rose tremolo system. 24 frets with custom inlays.
Posted By Lincoln Barnes (840)
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On 6/12/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at 2 guitars when i bought this one and at first I chose the KH-602 then changed my mind cause I wantedd to capture the sound of Kirk Hammets solo on Harvester of Sorrow Song. This is what he uses for it when he plays the song live but it is a better version of it naturally. I also wanted to be different cause everyone was buying the other model. I would definately buy this one again if something ever happened to it. After all I am a Kirk Hammet SUPER FREAK!!! This guitar could not possibly be any better for its price. I have played this thing til the cows have come home and nothing can match it. Its handling is superb but its not the original. YEAH IT KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Model Year: 2004
Price: $899.99 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
The guitar was made in Korea. The body is made out of maple with a neck through body constructon. It has 24 extra jumbo frets and 6 strings. It has two volumes and a master tone with a 3 way toggle switch. It has two humbuckers one in the neck and one in the bridge. It also has active electronics the pickups are EMG 81 active pickups. She is an all black guitar. The body type resembles the ESP eclipse II. The bridge is a Original Floyd Rose double locking tremolo system. All the hardware is black.
I kept my action set the way it was when i bought it and it is just right. The neck is is fine in fact better than most of the others i have played on. Well I have owned several guitars in the past one which was a Gibson explorer another was Kramer striker series(I think) antoher was a C.F. Martin telecaster and not last but definately the least was a Hohner bass. Now as far as comparison goes this guitar has all of them beat to hell. First off the guitars in the past were low budget which means less in the way of quality second they lacked in parts such as the good hardware, electronics etc. The only flaw maybe in the intonation but that might have something to do with me cause it just started after I changed the strings and im not able to remember how to set it myself although I have in the past with a similar tremelo system. So as far as flaws go that remains to be seen.
Sound Quality:
I use a 150 watt Line 6 Spider II 2 X 12 Combo. It wasn't my first amp of choice but has worked out just fine. Originally it was supposed to be a Marshall MG100DFX Head With a 4 X 12 cabinet but finanaces got in the way. As far as effects go teh spider 2 combo has 7 built in effects that suit me just fine for now. I can have 3 being play simultaneously. The effects are reverb, delay, tape echo, sweep echo, chorus/flange, phaser and tremelo. It also come with 12 amp models which are clean, twang, blues, crunch, metal and insane which is the one i really like along with crunch. Each one of the these models come with with 2 modes which really makes 12 instead of just 6. I play classical, metal and blues. As far as I'm concerned this guitar does just fine. As far as other styles go like country funk etc. Im not really sure cause i dont even try them at least not yet. The guitar itself is pretty full sounding and great especially for metal. Its very punchy sounding and great for shredding. I cant even begin to compare this to the other guitars that I have played on for the fact that this one blows suprpasses them by far. No mods will be made to this guitar . NOT EVER! As far as noise goes, there is none she is as quiet as ever. I think it would be great for both stage or studio.
I would have to say yes for live playing all though i dont think Ill ever get the chance to find out but you never know. WElll the intonation needs to be adjusted just after 2 and a half months but that could have been by my doing. I changed the strings on it once already and may have tightened it so much that it moved one of the saddles so that may have been my fault. I have strap-locks but have not put them on yet but will be doing so soon. As far as the controls and hardware everything is just peachy. Not really sure about the climate changes, I live in a well air conditioned apartment because of the damn heat here in Arizona. It never leaves the apartment.