DigiTech Synth Wah

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by DigiTech

Description Does everything from auto wah to envelope filter to funky synth sounds.
Posted By Tom Warren (41)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 6/10/2004, Tom Warren (41) posted:
Overall Rating:
This unit is superb. The effects are great, and I would definately buy one again. However, Digitech, like Boss, insist that you only use their AC adaptor on pain of death. I am not yet brave enough to defy them. If lost or stolen I would definately buy this again.
Where Obtained: GAK UK
Has knobs such as sensitivity, control and range. Also has a "type" knob with which you can choose the sort of effect you want from: 1)Enveope filter (up 2)Envelope filter (down) 3)Synth 1 4)Synth 2 5)Filter1 6)Filter 2 7)Autowah The filters are great and give a vowel sound, much like a talkbox. Stereo output and cabinet simulator if played through a PA.
Sound Quality:
This sounds great with all of my guitars and my Laney Tube Fusion amp. Thi pedal is for one style only- funk. The souds are varied and superb. Played with a touch of distortion and a comressor this sounds like the perfect synth, which is great for Herbie Hancock style solos a la Watermelon man
Ease of Use:
If you can't use it you've got serious problems.