Roland Acoustic Chorus AC-60

60W Power Amp (2 x 2")

Made by Roland

Description Acoustic small venue stereo amp
Posted By Lori Spencer (452)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 6/2/2004, Lori Spencer (452) posted:
Overall Rating:
Compared to the other acoustic amps in the market place, this is hands down best on sound and portability. you can't beat the stereo cabinet for running extra tracks for background if you are playing solo jobs and for CD's for your breaks.
Model Year: 2004
Price: $450.00 (new)
Where Obtained: guitar center
Copied from Musicians Friend: Compact stereo acoustic amplifier with pure, natural tone and excellent projection 2-channel design: Guitar input plus mic/line input with phantom power Stereo 30W/dual 6.5-inch speakers loud enough for club gigs and small PAs Onboard DSP delivers lush stereo/multiband chorus, newly developed wide chorus and delay/reverb with footswitch control Built-in Auto Anti-Feedback controls allow for maximum volume without feedback Convenient mute switch for silent tuning on stage Stereo line out for PA and recording; subwoofer output Built-in tilt stand offers better acoustic projection
Sound Quality:
Considering how small this amp is, you can't believe the sound. This has a clean crisp sound that really pushes out. it sounds so much larger than it actually is. it can handle a small venue with no problem or can be used in conjunction with a sound system. I have never gotten any feedback when using this amp with either guitar or mic.
Ease of Use:
Very lighweight and portable. when compared with the old tube amp i was lugging around for small jobs, this is great. you will have to adjust for different guitars and preamps but not much more than any other amp. you can use this with a straight electric guitar but i only use it for acoustic or classical solo jobs. you must use a speaker stand due to the size of the box.
Holding up so far. it seems well made and has taken some shaking. i have never dropped it so i can't speak to serious damage.