The Hellecasters

Description The official web site of the incredible Hellecasters.
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On 4/17/2001, Randy Hano (12149) posted:
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This website is great. It allows anyone interested in these three great guitar players to acquire recordings that are not normally available at your local music store.

Also a listing of upcoming performances are listed so you can see them as the "Hellecasters" or individually.
On 9/10/1999, Craig Smoot (906) posted:
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What a crappy excuse for a web site, and that web guy of theirs is a total hack! ;-) Greetings folks! Yes, I am the web guy for, and I'd just like to say in my defense that:
  • I only do the web thing in my (very limited) spare time
  • And I can only update the site when the guys and/or their management send me updates
So, with that in mind I hope that you'll take that into consideration when and if you rate this site. Sure, it doesn't have all the latest bells & such, but for a spare-time / limited-info job I'd say it's pretty comprehensive. And speaking of updates... I know there hasn't been many regarding the Hellecasters' activity, but for anyone following John Jorgenson's "Road Reports" of his travels and adventures with the Elton John Band, they know all too well of the [almost] weekly updates I was making to the Road Report pages for well over a year. So, use your best judgement thanks!

Twang loose people,
On 7/1/1999, Inactive Member posted:
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If you like the Hellecasters and their style of over-the-top country/rock guitar mayhem then you'll want to check this site out. You can also purchase a wide variety of Hellecaster merchandise and propaganda. My only complaint is that it is infrequently updated.