Washburn Rover


Made by Washburn

Description Travel guitar, full scale, wood body, 24" scale, semi-hard zippered case
Posted By James Hohenzy (17)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 5/18/2004, James Hohenzy (17) posted:
Overall Rating:
'Looked at the Taylor Big Baby and Martin Backpacker, but the short scale and adult hands...and the Baby is SO big. The sharp, pungent chemical smell when opening the case is a shocker. "New instrument smell" is infinitely preferable. It's okay to look at, okay to play, sound is acceptable. Recommend the Rover? Make your own decision. But then it's only a $150 guitar and very nice case. 'Wish the Martin had a24" scale.
Model Year: 2004
Price: $150.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Sam Ash Music, Lombard, Illinois
'Only had it a few days, so this is a first impression. 'Bought two at the same time, one for my daughter to take to university and one for myself. Chinese-made, with a sharp, weird chemical odor when the case is first...and second...and third, etc-time opened. Not "new instrument smell." Air that fella out! Body is wood, with a spruce-ish looking top and unidentifiable sides. Neck appears to be mahogany-ish. Fingerboard is odd-feeling, rosewood-coloured. Narrow, relatively low frets. Binding on the body and fingerboard on a $150 guitar, wow! The Rover does look good, tight tolerances, consistent colour, quality manufacturing. It does though, exude "manufactured" rather than "crafted" (like a Martin Backpacker). Nice semi-hard, zippered case with a zipper compartment. Includes strap, truss rod wrench, 3 picks, instructional cd and oddly, an extra plastic bridge.
Once you "get used to" the chemical smell, tie on the provided strap and tune a couple of times, the Rover plays surprisingly well, for a $150 instrument. It holds tune and intonation seems good. Action is surprisingly decent. What is the fingerboard made of...?
Sound Quality:
This is a travel guitar, not a dreadnought, so don't expect a booming bass. It's thin, but the instrument is "trying." Sound is consistent in volume and tone across the range.
'Only had it a few days, so no experience. The Rover seems well-made. My daughter likes hers, but shares feelings, especially about the chemical smell.