Experimental And Avant Garde Guitar

URL http://kronosonic.com
Description Difficult to categorize this site as this or that. More like a "total" site devoted to unusual guitar -- "the X-Files of Guitar Styles" -- articles, lessons, interviews, etc.
Posted By Perry Swizzler (104)
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On 5/9/2004, Perry Swizzler (104) posted:
Overall Rating:
This site is loaded with good information (text heavy) from lessons to articles; even the rants and raves are insightful. There really is no other site quite like this one on the internet to compare it to. I like the interviews the most because they are very much unlike the normal crud you find in guitar magazines these days. The worst aspect is that I want more. And, one problem is that the site seems to move around quite a bit and change names. I've followed it for a few years now and it has gone through at least three name changes and may two or more url changes. That's why I call it "Experimental and Avant Garde Guitar" because who knows what it will be called next year (and I reviewed it before here under I think two other names when it was "shred like hell" and "experimental guitar" and then it was "gtr oblq" and now "kronosonic" -- but at least the content and the focus stays the same.