Gibson Les Paul Faded

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Bare Bones LP look wise, but it sounds, looks and plays like a MONSTER!!!! There is a beauty in it's simplicity...Alnico P/UPs, mahogony body, 60's thin neck. No maple top, stained finish.Made in USA!!
Posted By Norm Disbrow (246)
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Member Reviews

On 3/5/2005, Norm Disbrow (246) posted:
Overall Rating:
Hey, it's a Gibson! It's not an Epiphone! Hey, It's a Les Paul, and it sounds like one. It looks and plays like you've owned it for years. It's a dear friend after 6 months. For the price, this guitar coundn't be any better. 650? For a Gibson? C'mon!!!lol oh yeah, by the way, the Fadeds come in TV yellow(eeek!), ebony black(TOO Dark), or Faded Cherry! YIPPEE!!! Looks freakin' great. My opinion,of course. NOW GO GET ONE!!!!!
Model Year: 2003
Price: $650.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Barker's Music, Modesto, CA
Hey, it's a Gibson!!!Made in USA with a lifetime warranty for the original owner. Warranty? This thing's like a rock,solid. No frilly maple top, no worries about harming the finish. This is a guitar for people who aren't obsessed with pretty looks. okay, did I say mahogony body and a slim 60's tapered neck? Sound? The guitar is definately a Les Paul. DO NOT BUY An Epiphone Les Paul...there's no need to!
Set up great from Barkers, no adjustments to be made. 2 tone, 2 volume switches. The 60's neck is thin and fast. The Alnico P/Ups, which are the same ones used on the LP Standards, kick unholy ass! And sustain?...Are you kidding? lol This thing just has that chunky, soul shaking sound that I love so much.
Sound Quality:
If You're looking for that "Les Paul" sound, and want a real one, this is for you! Hard Rock (Humble Pie, Guns & Roses), Blues, Pop, this has THE sound we're familiar with. Don't think because it doesn't have the maple top, it won't sound as good. I've owned Gibson SGs, Gretch's, Ovations over the past 30 years. Thank You, Gibson, for making this LP sound so affordable!
Durability???? I think this thing could withstand a nuclear war! It's solid, not too heavy, and rarely goes out of tune. It's perfectly balanced, and plays hard! A real workingman's axe.