Gibson Les Paul Epiphone

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description Sun Burst design, two humbuckers, 22 frets, 4 volume nobs
Posted By Kerry Schell (75)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 5/6/2004, Kerry Schell (75) posted:
Overall Rating:
When I was looking to buy my first guitar I was originally going to get a Fender Straticaster, till my guitar teacher talked the guy that was selling the Les Paul to lower the price for me. I would rebuy this guitar if it were lost or stolen. The only things I can think of to make this guitar better is a locking nut, Floyd Rose system Wamy-Bar and a third humbucker for more pick-ups. My favorite aspect of this guitar is how easy it is to play and my worst is that there are little dings and stuff like the tht on the guitar.
Price: $400.00
Where Obtained: guitar teacher who worked in a guitar store
This is a great guitar! it is easy to play because the strings are close to the frets and the neck is slim which makes it easier to do chords. It sounds great for any kind of guitar style playing, rock, blues, country, etc... I Highly recomend this guitar for anyone, no matter if you are a beginer or an expert. You'll be glad you own it.
The guitar is very smooth and easy to play.
Sound Quality:
I use mostly distorted and clear sound effects when playing it. I play mostly Grunge or metal on it and it sounds great. It is well suited for any kind of style you want to play. It has a full sound. Compared t my other electric and my friend's electrics that I've played it blows them out of the water, but those guitars were mostly bottom of the line fenders or something similar to it. Since my guitar is used it hums just a little or the strings buzz if I don't press down hard on them, but it's hardly noticeable.
I don't need to adjust anything on the guitar. The strap-locks, controls, and hardware are working just fine, no problems.