The Broad Sword And The Beast

by Jethro Tull

(1982) Capitol #unknown

Personnel Very Good!
Description Typical Jethro Tull feel with an electronic 80's sound.
Posted By Steven Loney (1000)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 5/4/2004, Steven Loney (1000) posted:
Overall Rating:
Broadsword and the Beast was an album that could be heard as a Jethro Tull album from moment one. Yet it had a different sound than albums like Thick as a Brick or Aqualung. This album had a much more electronic feel, because the synthasizers and bass came out good and strong along with electric guitars. It felt like a well done complete album. However, in certain spots it was over done. There wasn't enough instrumental solos during the songs. Something that was frequent in the albums mentioned above. The constant electronic feel sometimes made it feel like a never ending song. They did manage to break this up somewhat, but not quite enough. The guitar work on this album was half decent but not as good as previous albums. It kept you hooked cause of the good beat, and strong output on all the instruments. But the need for more clean guitar, and flute work was a let down. Even though this was clearly not something they wanted a lot of on the album, more would've been nice to get rid of the constant electronic sound that made it tedious at certain points. I'd suggest this to anyone into Jethro Tull. A great album with a great sound. Don't miss this as part of your Tull collection, because even with it's few faults, it's a Tull album from moment one.