Kramer Nightswan

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Kramer

Description It's a standard strat shaped guitar, a little bit deeper cutaway on the bottom end. 3 piece maple neck, mahogany body. The kramer revesre explorer headstock.
Posted By Chris Davis (1425)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 5/1/2004, Chris Davis (1425) posted:
Overall Rating:
I wish i had another. if that doesn't say enough i don't know what does. If you have the opportunity too try one out, you may fall in love.
Price: $500.00
Where Obtained: Uncle Ike's Music
Made right here in the USA, neptune, NJ to be exact. Three piece maple 24 fret (6105 size) neck, with a ebony board. The body is made out of mahogany. The controls are very simple one volume and P/up selector switche (3 way les paul style). Two humbuckers, came stock with a duncan JB and full shred, now it has an EMG 81 and 60. Mine is the metallic red finish. Spertzel tuners, and and floyd rose double locking trem system.
The way it plays is amazing. The action can be set extremely low and the 24 1/4 scale makes it a very light playing guitar. The neck is great, very thin and fast combined with some tall frets it's awesome. I wish i had another or if i could get the same neck shape on another guitar i'd do it in a heart beat.
Sound Quality:
I run this guitar through the following: Dunlop wah wah-->Marshall 9001 pre {loop} MXR 31 band EQ {loop}-->BBE 362 sonic maximizer-->Digitech time machine-->Mesa boogie 50/50-->H&K warp 4x12. It's sounds pretty awesome. I play mostly hard rock, so it's well suited for that. I find the tone from the guitar to be relatively dark, it's very rich sounding. I like it a lot especially on the clean channel. I've also used it for some jazz stuff, the floyd provideds a very stable tuning. It's noise when i'm in a situation when my rig isn't properly able to grounded but other than that it's fine.
Climate changes affect it as much as anyother guitar with a vintage style truss rod. I take it in abotu twice a year for a full setup. I use it live all the time, i like how stable the tuning is (thank you floyd) so i don't have to worry about being out of tune. It came with straplocks, so no dropage problems. It's holding up pretty well, it's got a few dings, but that can be expected from a 10+ year old guitar.