Yamaha Starter Kit

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description My guitar is a yamaha model, 6-string guitar, that came with the basic equipments. It has a whammy/vibrato bar. the outlet jack is on the side of the guitar instead of on the body like most eletric guitars are.
Posted By Sebastian Arias (111)
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On 4/24/2004, Sebastian Arias (111) posted:
Overall Rating:
I didnt really look at other guitars for just a couple of reasons; because it was the only guitar that the store had at the moment and it was the only one that my parents could affored at the time for me. If my guitar could be better in any sense, im hoping i could discover it and embrace it. My favorite aspect of the guitar is that i know that once i get to know how to play it, learn everything i need know about the chords, chord pregresion, techniquies and everything of that nature, the sky would be the limit for me.
Price: $0.00 (new)
Where Obtained: best buy store
Im not sure where was it made, but i am pretty sure it was made right here in the usa. im not sure what the body and neck materials are, my guitar is a 6-string guitar; im not sure yet how many frets does it have(ill check up on that). It has 2 control knobs: volume and tone. It has 3 pickups. I dont know what eletronics it has. Dont what kind of pickups does it have. Nither what kind of finish does it have, or body style( as you can see, im also a beginner on guitar termonology as well) Dont know the bridge style. i do have a tuner, though i also dont know what kind of tuner.
Havent played it that much becuase i am still learning most stuff( including chords, termonology, etc)
Sound Quality:
I use a 7-watt amp, and it has a clean and distortion effect. Since im still learning and i am fairly new to part of it, id say the musical style that im begining to use is mostly rock. my guitar has a nice rock sound when i use the low E string. the low E sound is mostly rock. (part of it)
As i have mentioned before, i am fairly new with the guitar in some sense. I have not played the guitar very often since it's purchase, because my overrall knowladge of the guitar and how to use it, play it, and arrange it( fix it) has limited me to my guitar playing, but i am still in hopes of learning everything i can, so i can play it and get and be better and good at playing the guitar. Though as i put a new string to my guitar, after i start ot tune it, while im tuning it, a string breaks. If i continue at this rate, i think i am going to have to buy new sets of strings. I think this mostly happens because i am also not sure yet how to put it on the guitar