Crate GLX 212

120W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Crate

Description Three channels, clean, rhythm, and solo (basically a clean channel, a more classic rock type channel, and a high gain channel). 16 digital effects, speaker extension jack, effects jack, lit control panel, 3 button footswitch.
Posted By D.J. Bennett (1339)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 4/20/2004, D.J. Bennett (1339) posted:
Overall Rating:
I pretty much only looked at this amp when i bought it. I dont gig regularly enough to need a nice tube amp, but i felt i was good enough to graduate from my practice amp. If this amp were stolen, i would probably save and by a solid state half stack or a tube combo, but not because i havent loved this amp, but because i know what i want my sound to be like and could now go about finding it. this amp is not a glorious source of amazing tone, but its not a piece of crap by ANY means. It does exactly what it needs to: gives me volume for practice or playing live, and gives me a decent tone. I would recommend this amp to anyone graduating from a practice amp that wants a user friendly, lower cost amp that is very very versatile to start looking for their own unique tone. Most likely you will find that tone and where to go from there with this amp.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $500.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Music Exchange, Athens GA
Solid state 120 watts, three channels (stated before). The clean channel has volume, treble, mid and bass control, the effects option has sixteen effects and an intensity knob, the rhythm channel has volume,bass, mid, treble, and gain, and the solo channel has gain, shape, and volume. It is powerful enough to drive a small gig, but not as loud as one would expect for 120 watts
Sound Quality:
I use a Fender MIM standard Telecaster and a PRS Tremonti SE, through a Jimi Hendrix wah and Boss DS1 distortion, into the amp through the regular input jack. The amp is very versatile, metal and rock are its forte's, but the clean channel is very expansive and versatile enough to attempt blues or jazz with. it is noisy when cranked up on the solo channel, and the effects loop is quite noisy also. It lacks some of the warmth of tube amps, but the flexwave five circuitry does a good job of emulating it as best it can. The amp's distortion channels give a good metal and /or rock tone, i am really impressed with that, but the noise at high volumes is annoying. It is good for my purpose, to just have a good amp to gig w/ that has decent tone and is fairly loud. Dont expect the holy grail of tone, but you might be nicely surprised for the tones you get out of this as a solid state.
Ease of Use:
The amp is easily programmable, with "smart circuitry" that remembers effects and parameters for each channel. You have to play w/ it to get the sound you want, but its fairly user easy. Compared to alot of other amps it is very easy to use
I have played several times live with the amp and am very proud of how well it has stood up. Being solid state, repairs arent really an issue, its built like a tank.