The Horror Show

by Iced Earth

(2001) SPV

Description If u like horror movies and heavy metal this cd is a must. the cd includes horror icons as Damien(the omen) dracula jack the ripper and many more. fast guitars and heavy drums this cd will make anyone an iced earth fan
Posted By Joshua Marshall (56)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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On 4/17/2004, Joshua Marshall (56) posted:
Overall Rating:
This record was diffrent from any others iced earth produced because of the new drummer Richard Christy. fresh in the band he pumps out the best drumming ive heard. the only thing that could make this record better is if the had a song about Leatherface. my favorite aspect of the record is the guitar and drumm work and unison sound. there was not worst aspect to me. jon schaffer is a great rythm guitarist and larry tarnovski is great at solos. anyone could love this cd