Nirvana Unplugged

by Nirvana

(1994) Geffen

Description Nirvana appear so different in this recording, but with out a doubt at their their best.
Posted By Danielle Evian (516)
Directory Recordings: Acoustic/Folk
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On 4/11/2004, William Scarbrough (2576) posted:
Overall Rating:
I agree with Danielle here. Many critics were enjoying the ability to bash Nirvana as they climbed the rock charts. After Unplugged was released many of the critics had little to say since there opinions were proven wrong and the overwhelming sales proved that at least the public were accepting of them, which is what matters. Great work and even better sound production.
On 4/11/2004, Danielle Evian (516) posted:
Overall Rating:
This became one of my favourite albums after i bought it. The band is armed with acoustic guitars and a drum set, and they pulled of one of the best shows I have ever seen. A lot of people debate that Nirvana's stuff would be terrible if you took the distrtion of the guitars, but this recording is proof that this isn't the case. Cobain's voice creates an atmosphere impossible to describe verbally. Guest guitarists from the Meat Peppets join the set ten songs in and bring another element to the already brilliant sound. Even if you don't like Nirvana, give this album a chance.