Fender 20th Anniv. Limited Squier Standard Strat

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description It's a black metallic Squier Standard Strat with an alder body and a 22 fret maple neck with maple fingerboard.
Posted By Kevin Browder (382)
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On 4/6/2004, Kevin Browder (382) posted:
Overall Rating:
I tried every Fender and Squire in the place looking for that special sound. The Fender Americans had it and I would have bought them, but when I got to the Squier lines... I found it again. If stolen, I would replace it with a Fender product, but I would have to take a trip to the store to tell you which one. As I said, the only thing I would do to upgrade it would be to lose the string trees and add a roller nut and locking tuners, but it's a pretty cheap add- on for a Fender product as apposed to other companies. I love this guitar because it challenges me every day to become better than what I am, and for the price alone every one should own a Squier just to challenge themselves to become greater than they are.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $279.00 (new)
Where Obtained: local music shop
This is a limited edition with an alder body, maple neck and fingerboard. It's black metallic. It has three passive single coils. It has a three ply pickguard. It's got a 2-point fulcrum trem and American Standard tuners. The neck is a 22 fret but it is slightly thinner at the nut than the American. It's finished to a 9.5" radius but doesn't have the hand rolled edges of the actual Fender. Controls are standard strat, but their the Gotoh variety instead of Fender USA.
The only thing I did to this one is synch the trem and add the center spring. The neck is semi-finished rather than the full on finish of the American series. It's a little harder to take care of, but much easier to play than most maples. Their was no breaking in period. Don't make any mistakes when performing with this one especially through a Fender Amp. This guitar will make a pro out of you by exagerating your mistakes. Remember, however, the mistakes are yours, not the guitars. It's got killer action.
Sound Quality:
Crate GX-15 to practice, and a Fender Deluxe 90 alone or through the PA and an FX-102 Blues Driver.This guitar will do anything that you can make it do. Especially through the Fender amp. It's got Fender bite. If you know what to do with Fender bite, it can be a beautiful sound. Sadly, most use it as a beginners instrument until way late in their careers when they finally learn to control single coils. It has the standard single coil hum. I use it for stage. For studio I stick to my Formula. Nothing wrong with the Squier, it's just not my preference for studio.
I could run over it with a steam roller and it would still come out unscathed. I flattened the neck out and raised the action a bit for the trem. So far I haven't had to repeat any of it. Two years and the only thing I've even considered doing to it besides normal maintenance is adding a roller nut and Sperzel or Schaller locking tuners. I always end up saving my money though. I've got the trem floating about 1 1/2 mm and I still get tuning stability better than most non-trem guitars in this price range.