Ibanez JS 900

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description Smooth guitar, I believe not available anymore. Price is estamated. - dimarzio nekc and bridge - Basswood body, rosewood fretboard - Chrome hardware - (my favourite feature) (mother of) pearl dot inlay
Posted By Rick Fokkinga (258)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 3/24/2004, Rick Fokkinga (258) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a Ibanez RG, Ibanez JEM, Gibson some kind of simple les paul, Fender strat delonge, and a fernandez nomad sustainer. I chose this one for price/quality that was right (enough money for what you get, also minding that I wasn't paying much for what I didn't need altough it was priceworthy) If I had the money again I'd go for an Ibanez 1000 or 2000, the 900 isn't available anymore
Where Obtained: A dutch store (EMI Eindhoven)
Made in US JS Prestige Maple neck Basswood Body 22/6105 frets, six strings A volume/tone control, A tone control, and a switch for the two humbugs; SeymDun Rosewood Finger Board Edge Pro bridge DiMarzio PAF Pro (H) Neck PU; DiMarzio Fred (H) Bridge PU Locking tuners (dunno the brand)
I go for speed, and that's what is gives me, The neck is reallyreally thin which I find easier to play The strings layed on low, which I find really nice in comparison to other guitars I can't think of any flaw that really bugs me...
Sound Quality:
I use a Marshall valve II 32 and a digitech rp200 with it, which gives it a nice sound.... I often just pass by the RP for de plain distortion (which is better then the Rp's), but for some effects it works. This guitar can both rock and blues... at the same time. I gives a nice cry if you lose the treble burst it a bit with a (at my amp built-in) very light chorus. The sound can be dark and growling when distortioned and treble open... it can also be the smoothest jazz-blues guitar when clean and bass open... very many faced guitar. Most guitars I played rocked OR were Bluesy OR Crunched, but this is the first I played who could do it all. With two humbugs it's quite difficult for noise to come trough, though it also stomps my feedback which is a pity.
If the strings are locked.... no tuning all gig! I go pretty rough on the hardware as I'm playeing cause I often change my sound in different parts in songs (usualy changing Hbug is enough, but I can also go pretty rough on the tone knob). It's seems to be holding out really good under these conditions.