Roland GR-33

Floor Unit

Made by Roland

Description This is a Guitar Synth and Multi effects pedal processor.The synth has 350 mostly realistic sounding instruments, via the JV synth module. digital tracking is fast and accurate, much improvment from previous synth models.
Posted By John Murchison (138)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 3/17/2004, John Murchison (138) posted:
Overall Rating:
Excellent Guitar synth, worth the $ if your looking for a versatile great sounding guitar synth. If you wanna play trumpet, hammond B3, fiddle, sax, or even an oboe with your guitar, this is your synth. could be better with digital and balanced outs, and maybe a metal housing and footpedal. a 2nd synth input/switch for multiple guitars would be nice feature too
Model Year: 2002
Price: $799.00 (new)
Where Obtained: musicians friend
Footpedal Synth has 4 footswitches for patches, an assigable expression pedal, as well as other parameter controls. Stereo Outputs, Output level, fx loop, midi in an out. Built in tuner but lacks any digital output or balanced outs. AC powered. many great sounds and presets. not too complicated to program and make patches
Sound Quality:
Great sounding guitar synth good for any style of playingMuch improvment over rolands previous guit synths Most Instrument sounds are very real, and easy to tweak. Guit effects are ok, although same as instrument sounds, some are just unusable, and overkill. Overall excellent stereo sound and lush sounding instruments
Ease of Use:
Fully programmable, has factory presets. Does require learning to program patches and guitar setup. Its a guitar synth, but works and sounds good just as plug and play synth factor preset. sounds best in stereo
Reliable and sturdy built, abs plastic. Seems it could be damaged by abuse/neglect. Very sturdy unit though. built with abs plastic material