Imaginary Roads

by Will Ackerman

(1990) Windham Hill

Description Another amazing album from New Age acoustic guitarist, Will Ackerman.
Posted By John Rich (3189)
Directory Recordings: Acoustic/Folk
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On 3/9/2004, John Rich (3189) posted:
Overall Rating:
Will Ackerman first and foremost cannot do a bad album if his life depended on it! I agree with alot of the reviews except for the fact that they focus on individual songs rather than the entire album as a whole, which should be the main focus here anyway. Another thing about Will Ackerman is that he seems to be bumped in with Michael Hedges, Alex De Grassi, and Sean Harkness. The only way Will is related to these artist is the fact that he plays guitar. That is it! I also hate when someone cringes when they hear that his music is "New Age." It is just a label the media has put on him just to turn people away from his music. Anyway, now on to my review. Imaginary Roads is excellent starting point for anyone who intrested in Will's work. It captures all of the signatures that make his playing so incredible. He IS not a technical player. His music is more about craftsmanship, melody, and taste. This album in so stunningly beautiful that it either makes you smile or cry or both. There is many memorable melodies present on this album that it just keeps you coming back for more. He also essembled some incredible musicians as well (i.e. Philip Aaberg, Michael Manring, Chuck Greenberg, Charles Bisharat, Jill Haley, and Kifu Mitshuhashi). Most of whom have played on albums prior to this one. What I think that is great about this album is that there seems to be song structure abound but improvisation even more so. I guess that is why this album has such a fresh sound to it. It has an energy to it that is just awesome. This album is worth the purchase and ordering it from Amazon is the way to go because they'll ship it [quickly]. Very short wait for an album that you'll listen to for the rest of your life. My hats are off to Will for an album that has brought much happiness into my life.