Jackson Performer PS-1

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Jackson

Description The guitar is dark blue in color and has a black pickguard. It has a humbucker pickup and two single pickups. All of them have the word Jackson on them (factory pickups). The tuners and other hardware are black.
Posted By Chris Uber (31)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 3/5/2004, Chris Uber (31) posted:
Overall Rating:
Favorite thing: Great sound and playability for the price.

Worst aspect: Goes out of tune a bit sometimes. Tacky "Jackson" logo on the pickups.
Model Year: 1995
Price: $147.00
Where Obtained: E-Bay
I have no idea where this guitar was made. I can't find it on the Jackson website either. Wood type, I'm not sure. It has 22 frets which is awesome. I wish it had 24 but oh well. It has one volume control and one tone control knob. Both are just normal black knobs. The pickups are factory (Jackson is on them, which I don't really like, a bit tacky) and are configured H/S/S. The pickups are passive and sound awesome. Really nice tone and actually really great sustaine. It has a strat style body and the strings are strung through the bridge. No locking tuners on this guitar but it still stays in tune nicely. The tuners are black which goes well with the overall color scheme of the guitar.
The guitar plays well. It is actually light weight (which I like) and the neck is pretty damn fast (not the best but is good). I've played all types of guitars and this is really one of the best I've played for the price I payed. Flaw wise, I would say that when playing hard the strings go out of tune a little too often for my tastes. Other then that, nothing.
Sound Quality:
If you play metal/rock, the guitar is awesome. The humbucker is great for distortion and sounds wicked through a marshall amp. Pinch harmonics are slightly challanging to pull off but once you get used to them they are a breeze and sound great!
It's been through a beating. I dropped it and had to get it repaired and it still sounds awesome. I've played it for 4 hours straight one time without having to tune it too much. The hardware on it is solid, no problems with it.