Get Yer Yas Yas Out

by Blind Boy Fuller

(1996) Indigo

Personnel Blind Boy Fuller, g/v
Description A selection of Fuller's work, gives a good sampling of what his Piedmont fingerpicking style was all about. The Stones used a bastardized version of his song title for their album "Get Yer Ya Yas Out".
Posted By Jim Burger (4613)
Directory Recordings: Blues
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On 6/13/1999, Jim Burger (4613) posted:
Overall Rating:
Pretty good fingerpicking stuff, all recorded in the 1930s. Features some of the great risque (for that time) hocum stuff like "I'm a Rattlesnakin' Daddy" and "What's That Smells Like Fish." I wish they'd make more songs like that these days. The guitar playing is interesting, although it all starts to sound the same a little bit if you listen to a lot of Fuller's stuff.