Joe Satriani - Live In San Francisco DVD

by Joe Satriani


Description Truly an amazing live performance of this virtuoso guitarist.
Posted By John Rich (3189)
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Member Reviews

On 12/26/2004, Carlos Eduardo Seo (900) posted:
Overall Rating:
A great video and a must have in your collection! One of the best Satch's performance ever. Picture and sound quality is amazing and the extras are great, specially the part he explains about his live gear. Make sure to watch Stu Hamm's bass solo. It's really nice!
On 5/25/2004, William Scarbrough (2576) posted:
Overall Rating:
Incredible sound and video quality. Captures Joe in a small venue setting allowing you to get up close and personal. Much better video and sound quality than the original G3 DVD. (Video quality on 1st G3 DVD is horrible). One of the coolest features is the ability to change the angle at which you view (only for 4 songs though), this allows you to see some of Joe's tricks highlighted. Worst aspect? The woman running around in the background with the camera which becomes quickly annoying. Being as it was a Joe DVD I would have liked to have seen more interactive features on the DVD geared towards fans, guitar players, or even both. If you appreciate flowing melodies, wicked leads, and top quality sound and video, this is an absolute "must have" for your collection and as a reference.
On 2/21/2004, John Rich (3189) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is truly one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen on DVD. The visual and audio mix are absolutely stunning. The audio aspect of this DVD is extremely crisp. The visual aspect of this DVD is great too. There is nothing worse than having a concert on DVD that looks and sounds terrible. You can have the audio sound perfect all day long, but it is the visual quality that has to be there; otherwise, I could just buy the cd of this concert. That is why you buy the DVD to see Joe play. Joe's band is extremely tight and just a blast to watch play. Then there is Joe....who just rips and soars through this 2-DVD concert. My only gripe is Joe's performance on the disc 1. He seemed to be kind of in a "rush" or something, but he did a good job (I could never do what he does). I am just saying he didn't play the songs as percised and articulate as he did on disc 2. Other than that minor complaint, you will not be disappointed with this DVD.