by Linkin Park

(2003) WEA/Warner Brothers

Personnel Linin Park is: Chester Bennington - Vocals Mike Shinoda - Emcee/Sampling/Pro Tools Joe Hahn - Turntables/DJ Phoenix - Bass Rob Bourdon - Drums Brad Delson - Guitar
Description Meteora is Linkin Park's sophmore album. LP's debut album, Hybrid Theory was a huge success and certified platinum, leaving the young band with big shoes to fill to avoid the "sophmore slump".
Posted By Cody Venzke (12)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 2/20/2004, Cody Venzke (12) posted:
Overall Rating:
Coming off of Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park had big shoes to fill for their second album. With many fans expecting something juicier and more rock-sounding than 2002's summer remix album Reanimation, Linkin Park promised something true to their fusion of rap-rock, yet something new and better than what they've done before.

I'd say they've fulfilled their promise.

Meteora is an excellent album, the band sounding much more directed with their music than before. Why there isn't as much variety of sounds and lyrics as in Hybrid Theory, the album is however tied very well together and never truly gets monotonous. The sound is overall more mature as the band seems to be more comfortable with their sound.

The band makes new uses of their sampling and turntable abilities (all the samples are of instruments--usually ones being played by one of the band members), especially in the songs Faint (violin, through out the whole song if you listen close), Nobody's Listening (Japanese flute), and of course the insturmental Session (turntables).

Singles so far include Sowhere I Belong, Faint, and Numb, all hits on the rock charts, and numb doing very well on the pop charts too. Lying From You made its single debut just recently. All the songs on this album could do very well as singles, but expect to see Don't Stay (should do awesome on the rock charts), Easier to Run and Breaking the Habit to wrap out Meteora's singles. (The last two should also do very well as pop cross overs.)