Rogue WP-101 Wah Wah Pedal


Made by Rogue

Description This is your standard wah pedal.
Posted By Chris Hickey (134)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 2/19/2004, Chris Hickey (134) posted:
Overall Rating:
You get what you pay for I guess. It is a cheap in price and cheap in quality. I still use it to play around with, but when jamming with friends it gets put aside. In my opinion it is not worth it, but maybe others have had better luck.
Price: $25.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Musicians Friend
This has one switch that allows more or less of the wah sound. It has battery and DC9v adapter. It lacks in controls.
Sound Quality:
Awful! I'm not sure if I just got a lemon or if they are all like this, but it sounds like junk. When pressing down on the pedal it crackles and often cuts out. It is the cheap construction.
Ease of Use:
Very easy to use with only one switch.
Very cheap. It is all plastic, and every time I press on the pedal it feels like it is going to break.