Traynor Ygl3a Mark3

100W Head (6 x 6")

Made by Traynor

Description This is a Traynor YGL3A MARK3 tube head with two 6x10 speaker cabinets. I bought this amp in 1976 and still has the original tubes. It's loud and built like a tank. I have never sent it out for repair.
Posted By Jack Schaeffer (2093)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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On 2/16/2004, Jack Schaeffer (2093) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at a Peavey musician 400 series but was talked out of it by the amp service technician, because of the Traynors superior durability, and I'm glad he did. If stolen I'd be on e-bay that night looking for another. It's very reliable but its heavy.
Model Year: 1976
Price: $775.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Echert bros. music store
This is a two channel Tube amp with volume, brite switch, treble, mid, and bass on both channels and reverb, tremolo speed an intenceity on the other. There is also a master gain control. There are no pre-amp outs or power amp in. There is plenty of power for outside shows. I've never had to run the vol above 3 or the master gain above 6. Oh this head is really heavy every one in the band avoids carrying it.
Sound Quality:
I use an Ibanez PUE-5, and an original Vox Wah-Wah. I play Classic rock from the '50s, - '80s. With the combination of the PUE-5 and an original Di'Marzio SDS pickup on my Hagstrom Impala it screems. The amp is quiet but the tone, when played clean is not as good as a Sunn Solarus I sold because it wasn't loud enough.
Ease of Use:
I do very little adjusting, but it depends on the room we play in. Normaly I just set it and forget it.
I've played this out since new, almost 30 yrs, It's never been repaired or retubed! I have covers for the head and cabinets and the amp still looks like new. I've often been asked where did I get the new " RETRO " equipment. As stated before this amp is built like a tank.