The Guitarist's Tablature Book

by Peter Vogl

Peter Vogl #1-893907-36-8

Description A great formatted book for tab enthusiasts and beginners. Perforated pages for easy tear out and copy. Lesson logs and popular chord diagrams included.
Posted By William Scarbrough (2576)
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On 2/16/2004, William Scarbrough (2576) posted:
Overall Rating:
A transcription book for you to write in with tab notation. A great way to introduce yourself to understanding more of the ins and outs of how music is constructed and works. Excellent for any player of any style at any level. Great for reference as well with a few nice ideas included such as the Lessons log where you can keep track of your progress and set goals. Very cheap price and perfectly formatted at only $5.95
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists