Washburn Festival Series EA20

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Washburn

Description A beautiful and awsome-sounding acoustic/electric guitar. It has a large body with a cutaway, Equis Gold preamp and Grover tuning machines.
Posted By Carlos Eduardo Seo (900)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 4/16/2004, Mark Collins (3026) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a very nice guitar, well worth its retail asking price. It is very versatile, comfortable to play, holds tune exceptionally well, & sounds fantastic! I would buy another if this were lost or stolen, I like it that well. My favorite aspect of the guitar is sound, versatility, & playability all combined. The worst aspect is the absence of strap buttons. This is a very nice & affordable guitar in a highly competitive market.
Model Year: 1998
Price: $500.00
Where Obtained: Private Party
This guitar has a solid spruce top, Grover machine heads, Equis Gold preamp, 3 band EQ, natural finish, single cut-away. The features on this guitar are tremendous, it is enough to suit any player's needs. The grover machine heads are incredible, I've never owned a guitar that stayed in tune so well. Horrible strap buttons though, as a matter of fact it doesn't even have one on the front of the guitar. It gets a rating of 4 due to this.
The action on this guitar is right where it needs to be for an electric acoustic: just a bit high. I believe this gives a much better tone & sustain. The guitar is thin, light, very comfortable to hold. I've played it for hours & never gotten tired of holding it.
Sound Quality:
This guitar projects sound & tone very well. Its sound is warm & mellow, but it has a bright, rich sound too. I've played all types of music on it, it sounds very good for any application. It does tend to feed back if you're not careful, but common sense should prevail here.
The instrument seems durable, I've had few problems with it. The nut came unglued & I had to have that fixed. The rear strap button came unglued & I had to have that fixed. Minor problems, & Washburn took care of it with no hassles.
On 2/16/2004, Carlos Eduardo Seo (900) posted:
Overall Rating:
I was looking for a decent used guitar on this price range and I found this one the best (I playtested Gibsons, Epiphones and Fenders too). The sound is amazing and the construction is flawless. A great deal!
Model Year: 1996
Price: $600.00
Where Obtained: Timbres Instrumentos Musicais
- Made: USA
- Materials: maple / spruce body (I think) and rosewood fretboard.
- Frets: 22 medium-sized frets.
- Controls: active Equis Gold Preamp with 3-band EQ, volume, notch and contour controls. The preamp also has a balanced XLR output.
- Body: very big, with cutaway and natural finish. - Tuners: Grover

This is one of the finest acoustics I've ever played. It really worths the price. The only drawback is the position of the front strap button (on the neck joint).
The action is a little high, but it's fine for an acoustic. It's very easy to play chords and the cutaway makes the access to the upper frets easier. The thin body also makes it very confortable to play. You can't miss it, it has great playability!
Sound Quality:
Unplugged, it has a good sound, but I still prefer folk Martin guitars and their big acoustic bodies. When you plug it into your amp, this thing sounds amazing. The sound isn't very bright like most acoustic/electric guitars out ther. I haven't tested the XLR output, though.
I'm not giving this one a 5 here because of its crappy back strap button. It's a plastic pin you use to attach your strap to the body. Very fragile and I lost at least a half dozen of them. The rest is great! The guitar suits perfectly well both sutdio and live performances.