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URL http://www.halleonard.com
Description Cheap little book with 60 great guitar intros and riffs. Fun to have but if you have the patience, just download them offline for free.
Posted By Ryan Enloe (783)
Directory Books/Tab: Rock/Pop
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On 2/6/2004, Ryan Enloe (783) posted:
Overall Rating:
-This book is pretty much a book of TAB guitar intros.

-It's made me a somewhat better player in that I bought this book as a beginner and had to master a few rhythms and quick finger movements to play certain riffs.

-It was right at my beginner skill level when I bought it. But no matter what your level, it's always nice to learn a new lick.

-Does not come with a CD.

-Only thing that could have made this book better was if it came with more intros.

-This book is a pretty good buy. Lotsa stuff I havn't been able to find very readily online. I recommend it.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists