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Hal Leonard #0-7935-8554-6

Description Great for your beginner/intermediate w/ a very small amount of advanced music. 235 pages of great & somewhat easy music. Highly recommended.
Posted By Ryan Enloe (783)
Directory Books/Tab: Rock/Pop
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On 2/9/2004, Ryan Enloe (783) posted:
Overall Rating:
-it is not what I would consider an instructional book, it has a the standard rhythm patterns and chords that you would expect to find. But really, it's just a song chock-full of fun to play songs.

-it has made me a better player. Learning songs like Layla and Dust In The Wind certainly was a stretch. Now'a'days I don't refer to it very often, normally only when I forget a part of a song I've learned out of it.. or if for some reason the WholeNote site is down. ;)

-It was one of the first books I bought, so at the time it was far above my skill level. But the great song in the book really stretch you to hurry up and learn them so you can show off for your friends.. and the ladies, of course.

-This book did not come with a CD or tape.

-This book could have been better if it did come with some sort of audio, since I'm so young, 19, there were many songs I was unfamiliar with. I had to go online and search for them just to get them in my ear.

-My favorite aspect is that it has some songs in TAB, some with notes & chords and them some with just straight notes. So, as you progress in your guitar playing, you can progress through the book. It also has several classical type etudes which sound really nice.

-So far this is the best Hal Leonard book I've bought.

-Nice book, if you can get it for under $20, I say go for it.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists