by At The Drive In

(1997) Fearless

Description Dedicated to two of their friends who died in a car crash.
Posted By Jason Henderson (5681)
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On 1/31/2004, Jason Henderson (5681) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album is the second album by the band At The Drive In. Right before it was made, Jim Ward, the second guitarist, left the band because of inner disputes. When the news broke that two best friends from the bands hometown of El Paso died in a car crash, Jim broke the news to his fellow bandmates himself, and the band was reunited for a stellar but emotional album.

The song that really is the song to listen to on this album is "Napoleans' song", with every note on the song never fully giving up but being remmebered through teh hole song. "This is forever!" The lead singer, Cedric shouts. the song is the basis of the entire album: memories and days in the past now gone, and the hardships of letting it go. But the album isn't specific, so, if say your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you, this album wouldn't be that bad of a provider of emotional support. and not in a cheesy, U2 way, but more like, a trash the room, burn the photos way. another excellent song on the album is "lopsided", where Cedric sings "Does it all make sense now?", or Hourglass, the mellowist and most depressed song on the album, is truelly the sadness of the emotion in the album. but things are looking up by the last track, "transatlantic foe", with its hyper energy, it seems like a ray of sunshine compared to the dark skies of all of the earlier tracks.

This band is one of my true personal favorites. Its too sad I've never gotten to see them live, I heard they were crazy. But this album is great if your a fan of any of their other albums. A truelly great emotional release.