Talk To Your Daughter

by Robben Ford

(1988) Warner Brothers

Personnel Robben Ford (g), Russell Ferrante (keys), Roscoe Beck (b), Vinnie Colaiuta (d)
Description Though somewhat produced and a bit pop, this has a great sampling of blues playing from perhaps the only man to ever play w/both Muddy Waters and Miles Davis.
Posted By Christopher Sung (9641)
Directory Recordings: Blues
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Member Reviews

On 4/18/2000, Eric Stanbrough (1108) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love how he mixes Jazz and Blues into his songs, i love the title track and "Help the Poor" as well as his version of "Born Under A Bad Sign", and there is an instrumental on the album called "Revalation" and it really shows his handle on Blues and Jazz.
On 6/6/1999, Christopher Sung (9641) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album satisfied a great thirst for me to hear Robben playing flat out blues. I loved his playing on the Yellowjackets albums, but it always seemed there was never enough of it. Here he's all over every tune and getting a chance to stretch out. His version of BB's "Help The Poor" just smokes. Robben's phrasing is second to none, and he means every note he plays. Just a real treat.