Ashdown Peacemaker 60 Combo

60W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Ashdown

Description 60 watt combo,class a tube 3 channels . 1 clean, 1 dirty, 1 boosted dirty. Cool looking. Like an old car . output meter on the front. comes with wheels
Posted By Matt Wood (2844)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 11/10/2004, Matt Wood (2844) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great sounds for a great price. Shame about the reliability factor . hopefully problems are behind me now
Model Year: 2003
Price: $1500.00 aust. (new)
Where Obtained: Downtown music Sydney Aust.
Class A tube , 3 channels .Reverb, Tone and seperate volume controls for 2 of the channels, the third is a boosted channel for leads .And has 2 output volume controls. Parrallel effects loop ,comes with footswitch for either cahnnel swithcing or swithching between the 2 output volume's. Valve class A, it's loud enough
Sound Quality:
I play a wide range of stuff . some i'll call Dark Jazz anbient hiphop, and also more convential rockin stuff. So I wanted this amp to be versitle and it does it all . My opinon clean channel as good as a fender for less money. higher gain channels ok for classic rock sounds but I use a pedal through the clean for heavy sounds. the clean is great though and makes the amp
Ease of Use:
I found it easy to get into . I tend to roll the treble right back to 3 or 4 but thats where I like it .
This is my 3rd change here. It shat itself on me twice in a month when it was 8 months old . That was a while ago and I've had no problems since so I'll up it from poor to average . But there are horror stories out there in internet land