The Music Of Mississippi John Hurt

by Stefan Grossman

(1993) Warner Brothers #0.7692.0953.X

Description Music and words for John Hurts songs. 2 CDs with the pieces played by MJH, a detailed intro on his life.
Posted By Gavin Eisler (31)
Directory Books/Tab: Blues
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On 1/26/2004, Gavin Eisler (31) posted:
Overall Rating:
Transcriptions of MJHs pieces with breaks as played by the master, words for songs plus variations, no instructions. An interesting foreward and history. Nice pics. Fingerstyle , early blues circa 1928. Big easy to read tab and std notation, unusual tab with marks between the lines instead of on the lines which is OK once you adjust. i bought this cos it had Stackolee and I always loved this piece. Decepetively simple to look at but a real challenge to get the melody fitting over the bass lines. The CDs alone (2 off ) make this a bargain purchase. Songs are grouped by keys,, G , C , E , A and D. A good step forward for the aspiring blues fingerstyle guitarist.
Suitable for advanced guitarists