Traditional, Country And Electric Slide Guitar

by Arlen Roth

(1975) Oak #US isbn 0.8256.0162.2 UK isbn 0.7119.0233.X

Description This book covers Resonator and steel guitars. Covers mostly open G and open E tunings. Basic excercises, tips on technique, tunings and guitar selection setup. 16 pieces to learn and several excercises. Also slide tricks for std tuning.
Posted By Gavin Eisler (31)
Directory Books/Tab: Slide
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On 1/26/2004, Gavin Eisler (31) posted:
Overall Rating:
A good instructional book. Tab and std notation. ive just started learning slide for Blues, and this book has some great pieces, Robert Johnsons ,"If I had possesion Over judgement Day" is where I kicked off. The excercises for E and G tunings are good . i use it every day and havent touched most of it ,but I am looking forward to mastering whats there. The tab is well written, somewhat simplified so that shuffle rythms are only shown as eighth notes but thats not a problem and the book warns you of this. Great photographs of the influences behind the pieces. Bukka White, Son House , JB Hutto, Rory gallagher, Duane Allman,Ry Cooder, Johnny Winter, Tampa red and many more. The Country bit in the title spooked me a bit , since thats not my bag. However it is very suited to the aspiring blues slideman and the title should really have had blues in it.The author has writen fine breaks where there needed , drawing from the same wells as the original artists. I look forward to working through this and so far its the best blues slide material source Ive found. This book was a gift from a friend , not sure if its still in print, my copy seems to date from pre CD era, but if its available with a CD modern style, then it would definetely be worth buying just for a listen. Most of the material pre dates Elmore James, Muddy Waters and Otis Rush, be warned if you want these guys youll need something with Chicago Blues in the title. Not really an issue for me since the Son House and Robert Johnson sound is what twists my melon. As with most books I find the tab size could be a little larger (my eyes are OK), but thats a minor niggle. Its got the words for pieces where appropriate and generally covers all the bases. Enough to have inspired me to bu a resonator! Cheers GE
Suitable for intermediate guitarists