Gibson Dove Ac

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Gibson

Description 1994 Gibson Dove Acoustic made in Boxeman Montana during Gibson's 100th Anniversary. It is a grate guitar to play, I love it.
Posted By Ralph Wilson (9)
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On 1/25/2004, Ralph Wilson (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
I look at martan and I have a jay Jr and Jay T but thay are not very good.

I would buy my dove gibson the same day if it was stolen . my favorite aspect of this guitar is the sound and the looks of the guitar and the worst aspect I cant find any . buy one. if you like acustic guitar and if you like the look of a beautiful guitar.
Price: $2500.00
Where Obtained: Brother
It was made in Bozeman Montana USA. The guitar is square shoulder, dreadnought design. The top is solid Sitka Spruce. The back and side are solid Curly Maple. The neck is als solid Curly maple. the "the muctache" shaped bridge are rosewood. The Inlays on the fingerboard are mothe of Pearl double parallelograms. the pick gauard is inlaid with a Mother of pearl Dove desing. it has no pickup it is a acoustic guitar. It is a six string and twinty frets. gold tuners.
Lower action and the neck dosnot affect my playing. For me it play great compared to other guitar I not that good to be able to compar. as flaws go I cant find any.
Sound Quality:
No amps . finger picking and it play and fit excellent. It is well-suited for any styles. The sound is full and the sound Is lot better than any guiter that I have played. IT is not noisy at all. for the studio.
It is very reliable for steady libe playing. I have not adjluste it. the strap locks and controls and hardware anr in excllent shape. I use a gibson humidifier.