Carvin C-850

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Carvin

Description -Dreadnought body with Cutaway -AA solid Spruce top -Rosewood back & sides -Satin finish neck -Fishman Matrix pickup w/Prefix Plus -Abalone Sound hole purfling
Posted By John Hodges (1645)
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Member Reviews

On 1/19/2004, John Hodges (1645) posted:
Overall Rating:
To find a guitar of comprable value, you would need to start looking at taylors or martins, forget takamine or ibanez. And even then, you would have to look easily at a $2000 taylor or martin at that! The tone on this guitar is incredible crisp, rich, and full! I understand that most people do not like mail order guitars, but this is my second one from carvin, and each time I am blown away! You will not be sorry if you purchase one of their cobalt acoustics!
Model Year: 2004
Price: $669.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Carvin
This guitar is made in korea, but made with the same standards that Carvin's US factory builds its guitars with. The body is Rosewood with a beautiful dark grain. The top is standard spruce, also with some nice grain to it. It has a very complex, but very sweet sounding Fishman Matrix/Prefix-Plus pickup. The tuners are Grover and very sweet, they hold a tune beautifully, and are a sinch when tuning is necessary. It also came with a strap button at the base of the neck, a great service to the customer!
The action on this guitar is incredible. I've actually been trying to decide which is lower, the action my accoustic or on my carvin DC200 (which as most of you know is reknown for it's low action and fast neck). The action stays low right up to the 20th fret (which is very easy to reach thanks to the cutaway.
Sound Quality:
The sound is explosive and rich unplugged. The notes shimmer when fingerpicked, and when strummed with a flatpick the sound seems to bring the instrument alive. You can feel the vibrations throughout the body -- right down to the fretboard. When listening to the chords, the sound is crisp and clear, and lets you hear each individual note in all of its beauty! The clarity impressed me! I chose to buy a new accoustic because I needed to be able to fill a descent size room without amplification when leading worship, and my old Ibanez accoustic certainly couldn't cut it. This guitar provided beyond my expectations! Compared to most of the martins, taylors, takamine, and ibanez guitars sold around the $1000 range sounded MUDDY compared to this $669 carvin!
The case provided by carvin does a wonderful job of protecting the guitar. It sits very snugly in. The guitar itself I have not had any trouble with, and knowing carvin i'm sure it can withstand just about anything i throw at it. Plus, carvin provides a 5 year full service warantee, so you know they stand behind the quality of their work.