All Sides Now

by Pat Martino

(1997) Blue Note

Personnel Pat Martino, Tuck Andress, Kevin Eubanks, Les Paul, Joe Satriani, Mike Stern, Michael Hedges, Charlie Hunter, and an assortment of supporting musicians on the various songs.
Description A guitar-oriented album - the listing of artists here teaming up with Pat Martino is very interesting. A veritable Who's Who of contemporary artists playing along with Pat.
Posted By Rick Streleck (355)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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On 1/17/2004, Rick Streleck (355) posted:
Overall Rating:
Just listing the names of other guitar artists on this album is a "Who's Who" of accomplished players. It's boring. Perhaps it was the vision of a recording company that needed another 'Pat Martino Album'? Pat rarely even aknowledges the presence of the other artists. The album cover shows Pat with a set of earphones on; while Michael Hedges is shown behind him playing with no earphones. Maybe Pat was only listening to a click track? It was interesting in showing the performances by the other featured artists - Sadly, Pat just cranks through all the changes in each song - rarely changing tone, dynamics, emotion or whatnot. Lotsa chops, but nothing to say. Maybe a real disappointment for anyone hoping to learn about Pat Martino - but is full of good efforts by the other players.