Blue Matter

by John Scofield

(1987) Grammavision #R2 79403

Personnel John Scofield (g), Gary Grainger (b), Dennis Chambers (d), Mitchell Forman (keys)
Description One of Sco's first post-Miles albums, it's heavy on the funk and distortion, containing some of his most frenetic and atonal playing.
Posted By Christopher Sung (9641)
Directory Recordings: Jazz
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Member Reviews

On 5/28/1999, Christopher Sung (9641) posted:
Overall Rating:
When I was trying to figure out how to play more "outside" types of lines in funk and rock situations, I spent a lot of time listening to this album. Since that time, I think Sco's playing has become a bit more introspective, but on this album, he's really on the edge. Take one listen to "The Nag" and you'll see what I mean. Any album with Dennis Chambers playing drums is a real treat, but listening to some of Sco's later stuff (his return to acoustic jazz, and his recent acoustic funk records like "Hand Jive" and "A Go Go"), I think I like his more recent stuff better. Still, his playing is completely burnin'.