Surfing With The Alien

by Joe Satriani

(1987) Epic

Description A truly classic CD!
Posted By Liam Mooney (103)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 1/8/2005, Csaba Varszegi (1686) posted:
Overall Rating:
One HOT recording!!! A real must for every guitarist of the 21st century! A true classic like said in the description. It's a compilation of great rock songs with nice melodies. Indeed, one of the most known features of Satch's recordings is his feeling for melody. And tone, because this album has that too (of course you have to think about it being recorded in 1987...). You can hear most of the songs with his 'contemporary' tone (or should I say tones as he changes it with each cd) on one of his live recordings. The songs Satch' Boogie, Always with Me Always with You, Surfing with the Alien, Midnight, ... to name a couple are all some of his classics! Anyway, just check it out!
On 9/6/2004, Tyler Mullins (142) posted:
Overall Rating:
Technically perfect, and one of my favorites
On 1/16/2004, Bernardo Pires (4599) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very nice instrumental rock album. Some classic Satriani tunes, like Always with me, always with you, echo, surfing with the alien, midnight (tapping tune). It was released in the 80s (1987 or 88 I suppose). If you like instrumental rock, check it out this album, its a classic.
On 1/14/2004, Liam Mooney (103) posted:
Overall Rating:
This album, in my opinion, is one of his best. The Surfing with the Alien track rules (it's what made me interested in Satch) and there isn't a bad song on it. The guitar playing is technically brilliant and his ballad, 'Always with me, Always with You' is beautiful. Overall, I give this 5 stars!